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Treat yourself to a fine watch!

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At Horloge Platform Nederland there’s no huge stock of watches. Instead, I value a compact collection of attractive models in top condition at interesting prices. A click at one of the watches in the top slide show will bring you to the specifications of that watch in the watches section of the web-shop.

The watches currently for sale can be found through the ‘watches’ option of the picture grid above. Besides watches, you’ll find all kind of watch related stuff in the shop. Books, catalogs, accessories, tools, spare parts, you name it (I’m still busy filling-up the shop). If you just want to stroll around and browse the entire shop, click the shop menu item on top of the page. Enjoy!

Horloge Platform Nederland is uploaded from The Hague Netherlands International City of Peace and Justice by Gerard Nijenbrinks Photography at Studio Scheef.  Trusted Chrono24 Pro Seller Since 2003.