Q: Why is the (re-directed) URL of this website www.9past10.com? A: Well look at any stock or press picture of any watch brand and you’ll see that the time on the pictured watch is always 10:09, pronounced as 9 past 10.

But… the real reason is, when I made this website I needed a testing ground which I used this URL for. Now it’s finished it’s difficult to move the whole shop to the original www.horlogeplatform.nl domain so I just permanently redirected it 😉


This web-shop is initiated and maintained by Gerard Nijenbrinks. I’m the owner of Horloge Platform Nederland, based in The Hague, Netherlands, and professionally involved in the high-end watch business since 1989. You will find this web-shop re-directed through the original Dutch www.horlogeplatform.nl URL or through the English www.watch-store.com. Both will end up at www.9past10.com where this website is hosted.

Besides this web-shop, I have journalistic and photographic activities in the field of watches. I’m author and photographer at Fratellowatches and work freelance for print magazines like Watching Magazine, Tempus, and others. I’m the owner as well of horlogenieuws.nl which was started in April 2005 as the first Dutch-language watch blog, however, which is a bit sleepy at the moment.

Being an avid collector myself, I collected many interesting watches, spare parts, books, brochures and other watch-related stuff. To keep my collection a bit tidy, from time to time I offer some of it for sale, and there are even many things to pick up for free. Click ‘Shop’ in the menu bar to see the products I have available at the moment, or click the search icon to look for something more specific.

Enjoy browsing,

Gerard Nijenbrinks.